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My sisters and I are addicted to this game! Merge eggs to hatch dragons who will help heal the land! Figure out challenging puzzle levels: match the Gaia statues to win, then collect tons of bounty and bring it back to your Dragon Camp. Collect and merge your bounty to foster your dragons - how big will you grow your camp? All imagery and info © GRAM GAMES

Katie Karl is the founder and an Admin at “Merge Dragons Community “ on Facebook (among others). With over 7500 members there is a ton of information being shared but she is the Queen of Knowledge! Having played the game from start to finish over three times (as finished can be quest and level wise) she is a wealth of great tips. Check out the Group, and check out the files and my You Tube Channel!!

I believe I have now fixed all the links on the Levels PDF! Please let me know if I missed any but there is still a link to the Merge Fandom Wiki Level page ~ ahhh technology. *{she smiles}*

Merge Dragons Community on Facebook
Merge Fandom Wiki Level List

All The Levels
Secret Levels
Challenge Levels
Camp Quest Help and Info
Dragon Power
Where Do I Get That?
All About Farming
If you have trouble opening a PDF, here are two "pic" links instead for Farming.
Farm Page 1
Farm Page 2
How To Clear All The Land in Totem Grid