ImageI live on beautiful Vancouver Island where ocean, boating and wildlife are abundant.
A love of photography and computers has brought me to a whole new passion that melds the two together. Although retired now I still take on Graphic Design projects. It is a passion I am finding hard to give up!
Feel free to contact me if you have something specific in mind, with the help of the fabulous Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Collection, imagine what is possible! I love being creative, so ask me about anything because I am always up for a challenge.

ImageI am addicted to this game! The amazing graphics, being able to play for hours, playing offline, there is no other game like it. Check out the Merge Dragon page! This is just a quick view of the game in camp...

ImageRecipes from out of my head, from my family, inspired by "NET" finds I have reworked and friends. In an effort to eat less processed food my goal is to have "from scratch" recipes that are better for you and can be made in big batches for freezing to save you time! There may be the odd can of Campbell's Soup, but I buy the lower sodium brand and per serving it's not so bad LOL.

Image We all know that not every diet works for everyone, and that is because we are all so unique. The same holds true for Essential Oils, while many singles/blends work the same on a lot of people there are some they just don't work for. So just remember that not all protocols work for everyone and discuss what works and doesn't work with other oilers. This helps you to find alternatives so you do find the right protocol that works for you and your area of concern. We are here to help you, answer any questions and develop blends that will support what you need!